Terms and conditions of the user agreement for all users of universal postal services and Bulsped Services Ltd.

Subject and general conditions

1. These terms and conditions (GT) agreement that applies to all users of universal postal services provided by Bulsped Services Ltd., define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties involved in that apply when using our services
2. The contracting parties under the article 1 may negotiate other (additional) terms for providing universal postal services that offer the option to conclude and complete individual agreements or additional agreements that will be an inseparable part of these General Terms.

Scope and characteristics of our services

3. Bulsped Services Ltd. provides the following universal postal services:
3.1. Courier and other related services provided by Bulsped Services Ltd. in the Republic of Bulgaria accordingly to their description in the catalog of services Bulsped Services Ltd., an inseparable part of the General Terms.
3.2. Courier services provided by Bulsped Services Ltd on other countries’ territory around the world as described in the Bulsped Services Ltd Tariff board, which is un inseparable part of the General Terms
Access conditions

4. Bulsped Services Ltd guarantees equal access for all users to the services we provide.
5.Shipments are accepted at sender's address or to the offices of Bulsped Services Ltd. or its subcontractors throughout the country.
6.The contract between Bulsped Services Ltd and the sender is treated as completed with the adoption of a shipment at access points or the address of the user, which is certified by the signature of the sender and the operator and payment of the price of the service requested.
7. The contract is considered to be fulfilled with the delivery of the consignment to the consignee (the receiver) or an authorized person. The delivery of the consignment is certified by signature. Traffic information and delivery of the consignment can be obtained at the following international website bulsped.bg. All information package on this page is kept for 3 months.
Requirements for quality and efficiency of service

8. Bulsped Services Ltd. is committed to the delivery of each shipment in the terms stated in present catalog of Bulsped Services Ltd, if indicated by the sender data in the shipment note the name, address and phone number of the recipient and content are complete and correct.
9. Bulsped Services Ltd. ensures secrecy of correspondence consumers during performance of the courier service and after.
10.Bulsped Services Ltd takes all the necessary measures for the security and protection of shipments of non-acceptance, transfer and prohibited objects and substances.
Prices and payment procedures

11. The prices of the services provided by Bulsped Services Ltd are listed in the catalog or in the individual contract with the customer stated under Article 3 from the General Terms. The prices listed in the individual contract cannot be higher than prices tariff.
12. Prices are prepaid by the user, in cash, by bank transfer, or they can also be paid on certain other terms that are negotiable.
Conditions of acceptance and delivery of shipments.

13. The shipments are sent and received from Bulsped Services Ltd to the senders and the recipients under the terms stated in the catalog. When sending a shipment, all data on the consignment note is filled in by the Sender, with a signature on it. The sender:
- Confirms the entered data;
- Assumes full responsibility if inaccurate or untrue details;
- Assumes that knows the General Terms.

14. Each shipment is delivered to the address specified by the sender accordingly to the stated by Bulsped Services Ltd delivery time frames. Shipment undelivered due to failure or departure of the Recipient in obscurity, due to unknown address or deceased person, is to be returned on user’s expense. If the sender refuses to receive it back within 7 days of notification, the shipment will be destroyed.
Rights and obligations of Bulsped Services Ltd. and the Senders

15. Bulsped Services Ltd. reserves the following rights:
16.1. To organize and implement at its discretion reception, processing, transportation and delivery of shipments using routes, means of transport or subcontractors as it considers optimal and appropriate;
16.2. Require the shiment to be in an appropriate manner and packaging condition for transportation, that does not threaten the integrity or the content of other items. Bulsped Services Ltd. has the right to extra pack or repackage shipments whose integrity is compromised in order to preserve their contents;
16.3. To receive compensation from the consumer for damages caused by customer’s shipments damage inflicted on Bulsped Services Ltd or other items;
16.4. Bulsped Services Ltd. has the right to require at the moment of the submission of the shipment, the shipment to be opened. In case of doubt about possibly placed prohibited items or substances Bulsped Services Ltd. Reserves the right to send the sender a written request asking for the sender's consent for verification. Upon refusal of the sender shipment will not be accepted;
16.5. Where there is sufficient reason to believe that the accepted shipment contains prohibited items and substances Bulsped Services Ltd requires the sender or recipient's consent to open it. If no response back is given, then next step is t notify prosecutor, who then requires the competent authorities to check the shipment;
16.6. Bulsped Services Ltd. has the right to enter into individual contracts and / or agreements for additional services;
17. Bulsped Services Ltd. has the following responsibilities:
17.1. To place General Terms and the Catalogue on conspicuous and accessible place in each of their offices or at the offices of its contractors, and make them available to users free of charge upon request;
17.2. To provide customers the following types of packaging;
Document - cardboard envelope A4
For shipments other than documents- polythene bags in sizes A4 and A5.
Package of non-standard items is the sender’s responsibility.

17.3. To execute additional requests, the sender may have before the shipment to be delivered if they are feasible and do not violate the organization of work of Bulsped Services Ltd and are paid if incurred the additional costs of Bulsped Services Ltd.
17.4. To ensure all users equal access to its services;
17.5. To preserve the secrecy of correspondence during the process and after the service is completed;
17.6. To provide the users with information about the characteristics of service, terms and conditions for their use;
17.7. To consider and take a position on applications, complaints and suggestions from users within a month of submission;
17.8. To keep and maintain a register of incoming requests, complaints and suggestions causes and their merits and taken after considering their actions. Data from the register shall be kept for a period of 12 months, subject to the rules of data protection;
17.9. To compensate consumers, in accordance with Section IX.
18. senders have the following rights:
18.1. To dispose of the shipment until their delivery to the recipient, as of their respective owners and administrators, and shall bear all expenses of Bulsped Services Ltd on the implementation of the orders;
18.2 To receive full information on the characteristics and parameters offered by Bulsped Services Ltd services ;.
18.3. To receive services under Section II of the right quality with respect to the delivery of the consignment;
18.4. Submit requests, complaints and suggestions and receive a reply within a month of submission;
18.5. To address complaints and reports to the Commission for Communications Regulation;
18.6. To return your shipment if the addressee refuses to accept it, by paying the relevant amount to Bulsped Services Ltd;
18.7. To receive compensation for damages from Bulsped Services Ltd. damages accordinlgy to Section IX.
19. Sending shipments through Bulsped Services Ltd, all users have the following obligations:
19.1. Prepay price for the service, in accordance with article 12 announced prices list, unless indicated otherwise payment in the individual contract or addendum;
19.2 To provide the most complete and accurate information for the recipient of the shipment, its value and content;
19.3. To pack all their shipments in a suitable way for transportation in accordance with article 16.2. All consequences of failure to do so is at the sender’s own expense, risk and liability;
19.4. Be responsible for damage caused by submitted by them parcels of property / employees of Bulsped Services Ltd or other items / parties. The liability amounts will be reciprocal to the damage of Bulsped Services Ltd losses or benefits paid.
19.5. To pay the cost of service for shipments sent to the account of the recipient, in case recipient refuses to pay return shipping on their part;
19.6. Receive full information about the characteristics and parameters offered by Bulsped Services Ltd services to submit applications and claims and receive compensations for losses caused by Bulsped Services Ltd damages under the terms of Section IX of the General Terms
Prohibited to carry objects and substances

20. Bulsped Services Ltd, correspondingly to Art. 90 of the Postal Services Act prohibits the placement in national and international Bulsped Services Ltd shipments, the following items and substances:
20.1. Drugs, narcotics, psychotropic, potent and poisonous substances;
20.2. Weapons, explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances or objects;
20.3. Indecent or immoral articles;
20.4. Objects and substances which by their nature or packing endanger the life or health of Bulsped Services Ltd employees or others, or can contaminate or damage other shipments and postal facilities;
20.5. Religious materials of prohibited or unregistered in the country sects and organizations;
20.6. Monuments of culture without authorization or certificate.
Section IX
Procedures for claims and compensations

21. Consumers are entitled to claims in the following cases:
21. In case of damaged, destroyed, lost or spoiled international shipments;
22. Claim to Bulsped Services Ltd. can be filed in connection with such cases within 30 days after the date of dispatch of the shipment.
23. Bulsped Services Ltd is obliged within 30 days to inform the customer about the result on any properly filed complaint under the term under Article 22.
24. For those complaints that are considered justified in relation to Art. 21 the amount of compensation is equal to the actual value of the damage, but no more than 2 times the value of Bulsped Services Ltd ‘s service fee.
25. Notwithstanding t.24, the amount of compensation for insured covers the declared insurance value. For shipments of cost for transportation and value content larger than150 BGN, the customer is offered an extra insurance from an insurance company’s proposed terms.
26. If the sender of the shipment has indicated incomplete / incorrect address or phone contact with the recipient Bulsped Services Ltd is not tied to previously announced delivery time frame of the shipment.
27. Bulsped Services Ltd.will not be held liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations if performance is prevented or delayed by reasons of compelling natural phenomena, strikes, riots, war, which are established by the relevant authorities.
28. The claim is properly filed only when they are paid all due to Bulsped Services Ltd amounts without delay or deduction and submitted all necessary documents specified by Bulsped Services Ltd.
Section X
Procedure for Dispute Resolution

29. Disputes between users and Bulsped Services Ltd are decided on the basis of good collaboration, through negotiations and additional agreements. In a case of failure to agree, either of the parties may request the assistance of CRC or other competent authorities to refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court.