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1. In what way of packing should I deliver my shipments?
All shipments will be accepted well packed with the necessary packaging for transportation. It is your responsibility as a sender to pack properly and securely your parcels.
All items that are fragile or have specific content should be marked with the required markings and stickers/labels.
Proper packing is the sender’s responsibility and must comply with both types of transportation standards (whether sent on air or land) and the nature of the content itself. The senders needs to check whether the content is on specific regime or not and to assure that that the content is not prohibited.
Fragile items should be individually packed and wrapped stable enough to assure the integrity of the content during repeated overloads and transportation.
The outer packaging must comply with the weight of the consignment to be steady and if necessary the edges of the box to be strengthened additionally.
Inside the consignment items must be sealed on all sides, so the item does not move freely.
2. How to form a price for transport?
The price of the transport service is the weight of the consignment. All prices and type of transport are described in the "Catalog" section of "Bulsped Services". All prices are final and include VAT for your convenience.
3. What is the tariff if my shipment weighs between 250 grams and 500 grams?
In this case shipments will be charged as of 500 grams.
4. How do I place a shipment?
If you have only one parcel, then it can be created from the "Create request" button where necessary to enter the recipient’s address and other relevant data.
5. How do I create more than one request at once?
You can easily create more than one request by clicking the "Import requests" button.
This section contains a table that you can download and there to fill in the necessary information about the recipient’s address data.
Filing an application in table gives you the advantage of sending parcels from different senders without having to change the details of your account.
Because when you create an account at a particular name, it is automatically considered for dispatch. A table that is filled, gives this advantage and do not have to create multiple accounts in the company's system.
6. What is the delivery time frame from the time of shipment?
The delivery time for Europe is guaranteed by Ground Express 5-7 working days.
7. How to make payments to "Bulsped Services"?
There are several payment options:
- In our office , upon delivery of the parcels
- A cash transfer to us
- By Bank account
8. Can you issue an invoice?
Yes, the company issues invoices in 5 business days.
9. How to track shipments?
By sending a parcel with "Bulsped Services" you get for each parcel tracking code that can be traced to two days after shipment. This gives you certainty where is your shipment and thus prevent future problems with customers.

If you still have not found the answer to your question, please contact our client department.